My child goes to kindergarten

Before kindergarten

What information do we receive from the school?

  • In March, the school district holds a parent evening (enrollment evening) for all parents whose child is starting kindergarten.
  • You will receive the first information around the beginning of the year in a letter regarding registration for kindergarten and after-school care.
  • In June, you will receive confirmation of which kindergarten and after-school care your child will be enrolled in.

Which kindergartens are there?

  • Kindergarten Kraftwerk and after-school care are at the same place. Children from Kindergarten Hardturmpark also go to Hort Kraftwerk. Kindergarten Westpark has its own after-school care.
  • Locations

Can my child have a trial visit?

In early July, a trial visit will take place at the kindergarten. You will be informed of the exact date by the school or in the school’s agenda.

What do I need to prepare for kindergarten?

You will receive a lot of information from the after-school care and kindergarten. Make sure to read through what you need to bring: change of clothes, snack box, water bottle, sports clothes, etc. (it may vary from kindergarten to kindergarten. For example, if your child is going to Kindergarten Hardturmpark, they will need an additional change of clothes for after-school care).


People in the kindergarten:

  • Teacher: responsible for teaching and the main point of contact for your child during school hours.
  • Other people who may be present during class:
    • Teaching assistant: supports the teacher.
    • Choir teacher: plays music and sings with the children (once a week).
    • Dental hygiene program: A specialist visits the kindergarten five times a year to teach the children how to brush their teeth properly. Each child is provided with their own toothbrush at the kindergarten. Additionally, the entire class visits the school dental clinic for an examination once a year.
    • Traffic police: A traffic police officer visits the kindergarten twice a year. They practice road crossing and traffic behaviour with all children.
    • Special education teacher and social worker: visit the classes at regular intervals.
    • DAZ (German as a second language): The school offers support in German as a second language for children who need it.

From 11:55 a.m., the after-school care team takes over. The after-school care can be booked through the “My Account” portal. In the second year of kindergarten, children also have two afternoon lessons.

Kindergarten program

The program varies depending on the kindergarten. The lesson hours are included in the schedule. Some fixed activities include: sports once a week, music once a week, and regular forest days.

During class, there is a schedule that includes rituals to help the children start their day: morning circle, birthday celebrations, shared snack time, outdoor play, drawing and crafting, storytelling, and class council.

Special events

  • Parent visiting morning: Parents can visit the school or kindergarten for about an hour. The visiting morning needs to be arranged individually with the teacher.
  • Trial visit morning: Trial hour for new kindergarten children (with one parent) and school children.
  • Forest days: Forest days are held at different intervals depending on the kindergarten.
  • Other events: Sometimes parents can help out on special occasions, such as carving lanterns, making Easter nests, etc. The information will come from the teachers.
  • Show day: Once per term (between school vacations), children can bring their toys to school and show them to the other children. The information will come from the teachers.

The class teachers will inform you about the special events in the new term in the term letter after the school vacation.

Physical education

Physical education takes place once a week in the sports hall of Pfingstweid School, including for kindergarten children.

After-school care and supervision

Times: Different modules can be booked.

Excursions: Trips and excursions are sometimes scheduled from Tuesday to Thursday to allow older children who have afternoon classes on Mondays and Fridays to participate.

Costs with link to price list.

Clothing: Your children will also need spare clothes for the after-school care (Hort) (seasonally appropriate, and it’s best to leave rain gear at the kindergarten/Hort). If the Hort and kindergarten are in different locations, you will need two sets.


Menu Plan: The menu plans for students will be published on this page. The menu plans for the kindergartens are partly displayed at the kindergartens.

Snack Box (Znüni): Depending on the kindergarten, you may need to provide your children with a snack box. Sweets should not be included. Here you can see what is recommended to include and what is not.

More information about the suppliers and catering can be found here.

Holidays and Non-School Days:

Vacations: An overview of the school holidays can be found here. On non-school days, holiday care days can be booked through the “My Account” portal. Be sure to set up a reminder by email of the registration deadlines (1 month before the non-school day). The holiday care days incur costs.

Q Day (Professional Development Day for the School Team): Twice a year, there is no school or kindergarten due to the teachers’ professional development. On these days, holiday care can be booked.

Maundy Thursday / Sechseläuten / Knabenschiessen: These three days are public holidays in the city of Zürich. There is no school on these days. Holiday care can be booked on these days.

We strive to provide the information you need and keep it updated. Is something incorrect or missing? Let us know!