Parents’ council

We connect parents, support school projects, and organize our own events. We maintain regular contact with the school team and actively participate in school activities. We serve as a point of contact for parents, the school team, the school authorities, and the students.

The Parents’ Council is composed of parent representatives from each class, from kindergarten to 6th grade. We meet with the school administration five times a year, and in between, we engage in various working groups. There are four active working groups: Events Working Group, Intercultural/Digital Working Group, Living Environment Working Group, and Communication Working Group.


Conni Lass

Barbara Friedrich

2 children: 4. and 2. class

Anita Kolb

2 children: 4. and 1. class

Pascal Schwarz

2 children: 4. and 1. class

Jessica Rüegger

3 children: 5. class, 3. class und kindergarden


Kathrin Niederberger

1 child: 1. class

Working groups


The Events Working Group supports the Parents’ Council in its mission to bring the school and parents together through creative events.


  • Cinema
  • Christmas singing
  • Back-to-school apéro

Past events

  • Hackathon 2022
  • Christmas cookies 2020
  • Christmas singing 2019

Nina Zanetti-Martin

2. class

Linda Costabile

kindergarden West Park


The Intercultural Working Group aims to promote intercultural awareness and cultural exchange among the school, students, and parents.

Through various projects, some of which we plan to implement in collaboration with the school, we aim to introduce our children to different cultures from around the world. Our goal is to develop their skills that contribute to effective and appropriate communication with people from other cultures.

Furthermore, we plan to provide resources for parents, especially those who are non-Swiss or non-German-speaking. These resources will support them in navigating the Swiss school system, facilitate exchange with other parents, and help them integrate better into the German-speaking region of Switzerland.

We are excited about engaging in fascinating projects.

Nina Zanetti-Martin

2. class

Remo Burhhard

4. A / 2. B class


Kathrin Niederberger


Magdalena Ostrokolska

3. C class


Our working group strives to improve the safety and quality of the infrastructure and surroundings of the school day in close contact with the school administration, the municipal authorities of the city of Zurich, and the private owners of the relevant properties. The following positions are given particular attention:

  • Safety on the way to school
  • Safety around the school premises (accessibility, playgrounds, etc.)
  • Cleanliness around the school premises

Lilia Barkaoui

1. kindergarden

Kevin Dejakum

1. kindergarden Westpark 2


Our working group is responsible for facilitating information exchange and communication between the Parents’ Council and the parents. The responsibilities of the working group include:

  • managing the Parents’ Council website
  • creating and distributing the newsletter
  • managing the calendar
  • promoting exchange between parents, the Parents’ Council, and the school

Hana Harencarova

2. kindergarden Kraftwerk

Kamila Kaminski-Hütteroth

1. kindergarden Kraftwerk

Birgit Bruder

1. kindergarden Kraftwerk

Sophie Semmelmann

1. class, Frau Berlinger, Frau Tommassini


Corina Müller

kindergarden Hardturmpark

Michael Knoll

1. class B